Child Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a major issue in Florida that must be addressed. Trafficking occurs many times more in marginalized communities than others. Utilizing his background Georges will use his knowledge to take on these issues to break the cycle and stop this horrible acts.


Improving the Affordability and Accessibility of Health Care

As a psychotherapist working in the health industry Georges has come to know the harsh reality many people face in not being able to afford the healthcare they so desperately need. Georges believes healthcare is not just a privilege to those wealthy enough to afford it but a basic human right we are all entitled to. 2.6 million people in Florida lacked health insurance at one point or another in 2017. As a healthcare professional Georges can no longer tolerate this injustice, that’s why Georges supports improving affordability and accessibility of health care.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform

As anti-immigration rhetoric continues to grow in the US, dividing us all, and weakening us, we must join together and fight back against this hate speech. We must stand up to Trump’s continued attempts to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). It is worth noting that 80% of Americans believe we should provide legal status to the 1.8 million people in the program. Georges pledges to support the DACA program to continue to give protected status to immigrants. Georges will also fight to protect the Temporary Protect Status provision, which protects people from deportation to countries afflicted by natural disasters, war and other dangerous conditions. Join Georges’ movement and help protect immigrants from unjust treatment and deportation.

Gun Control

Gun Control Reform

We must take action to break the cycle of gun violence. The United States is under an epidemic of gun violence. With over 300 million firearms in the US we can no longer stand idly by, as more innocent Americans and children continue to get gunned down. Georges plans on seeking sensible gun control reform to take on this issue that has already harmed so many lives.

Climate Change

Climate Change

As Floridians, we have the most at stake when it comes to climate change. Florida is predicted to have nearly 64,000 homes flooding every week in 2045. The world’s leading scientists warn that we have only a dozen years to stop some of the worst effects of climate change. In short, climate change is the largest existential threat humanity faces. Georges plans to take on climate change head on by building a movement that aims not only to break the cycle of climate change, but also to break the cycle of division, injustice and poverty.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

It’s no secret the living costs in South Florida are substantially high. Data from the US Census Bureau have shown that Miamians spend a larger percentage of their income on rent than any other city in the US including cities like New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco. As a community leader, Georges understands the pressure and economic stress that high cost of living can put on families. That’s why Georges will support an Affordable Housing Task Force to identify issues that prevent accessibility, opportunities, and to help break the cycle of poverty.



Georges believes in an education system that will put the needs of its students over the needs of for-profit corporations. This means better pay for our teachers. Florida teachers are paid far less than other teachers on national average. We must prioritize our teachers and ensure that our children’s educators are receiving a living wage. Georges will also ensure that all children have access to quality education no matter their economic background. Georges will make sure our children get the education they deserve, an investment in our children is an investment in the future.

Commerce Economy

Socio-Economic Development

Breaking the cycle of poverty is one of the cornerstones of Georges philosophy. That’s why we must act now and adress the stagnating wages and rising living costs many people in Miami face every day. Miami has quickly become one of the most economically stratified and costly places to live in the US. This class stratification is a form of systemic violence that can create mental health problems in communities including increased stress and lower life spans. Not only that, many families must make decisions between rent and food. As cities like Seattle have proven, raising living wage can have very positive effects on communities. That’s why Georges asks for all constituents to join him in breaking the cycle of poverty and ensuring all workers get a living wage.


Justice Reform

Our prison system, which has the highest rate of incarceration of any nation in the world and incarcerates over 2.2 million people must be reformed. However, the problems of incarceration go far beyond just addressing the symptoms, as our justice system has systemic issues that must be addressed. We need comprehensive and evidence-based reforms that would aim to modernize our criminal justice system and break the cycles of recidivism.