FeJAH’s (Federation de la Jeunesse Adventiste Haitienne) annual celebration took place March 30-April 1, 2018. This year there was a special emphasis on addressing the holistic needs of the young people. Addressing the spiritual and cultural components remained a priority with worship, music led by featured gospel artist Herve Alce, and guest speaker Pierre Francois. Each worship service was filled with prayer and song while designed to reach Haitian youth. Nevertheless, it was also crucial that social and emotional issues were purposefully addressed throughout the weekend, and that extra support was offered to the young people in attendance.

The conference featured certified counselors and chaplains onsite, Matthew Jean, Georges Bossous Jr., Judith Gabriel, and Fanya Jabouin, who offered presentations on health and its relationship to overall well-being, and advancement within the church and community. The presenters, all private practitioners, were there to pray, talk, and connect with attendees to encourage them to live balanced, healthy, and wholesome lives. The goal was made to ensure that each young person was encouraged, inspired, and equipped to face the challenges of life, and pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.