MIAMI, FL–[WORD AND ACTION] – We have been fortunate to provide several psychological support trips to Haiti in the past four years.  Our focus remains in providing psychotherapy, consultation, and psycho-education workshops about child sexual abuse and its impact on the individual survivors, their families and community at large.  During our last trip, someone approached us and asked the following question: “How can the victims of such abuse succeed in staying positive after being sexually abused?”

Based on our years of clinical experience, we were able to provide the following answer: “Often times, the victims are understandably not positive. One of their initial reactions is to blame themselves. The sexual abuse trauma victim can experience an array of emotions. Some of the noted responses may occur to various degrees and they include the following: create shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, eating and sleeping problems; weight lost, nightmares, (night terror in children); paranoia, fear, tearfulness, hopelessness, sadness. Some victims can also experience a sense of insecurity, doubt, feelings of helplessness, and anger.